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I want to say THANK YOU. I want to say thank you to every employee of the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office. To say that they have gone above and beyond the call of duty would not do justice to the way they have performed.  They have cleared roads, delivered water, brought food or done whatever needed doing.  Every single one of them, upon completion of their current task, asked what they do next.   I have literally had to order some of them to go home and get rest after working 20 hour days, multiple days in a row.  They respond, "I'm good, Sheriff, where do you need me."   Most of them with damage to their own homes.  I find it difficult to think about the job they are doing without my eyes welling up.


I want to say THANK YOU to Sheriff Jason Ard of Livingston Parish.  The day after the storm I asked if he could spare 5 or 6 deputies to help us with patrol to keep looters and thieves at bay and  help respond to those in need.  He sent me over 20.  His people left their homes to come to and help us protect Allen Parish.  They are some of the most dedicated, compassionate people I have ever worked with.  In fact, he had two of his deputies buy a generator, out of their own pocket, to help a woman that had a tree on her home.  I will be forever grateful.


I want to say THANK YOU to the Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs,  Mayors and Police Jurors and all of their employees.  They too have done whatever needed doing.  They have passionately fought to get needed resources to their respective communities. 


I want to say THANK YOU to our legislators, Rep. Dewith Carrier and Senator Heather Cloud.  They are pushing the buttons and working the phones to get critical resources to Allen Parish.  


Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU TO THE CITIZENS OF ALLEN PARISH.  You are the often-times nameless persons who cut trees out of roadways so help could get through.  You brought food and supplies to your neighbors.  You tarped houses for those that couldn't. You treated acquaintances like family.  I am both grateful and proud to say that I live in Allen Parish.