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4 Wheelers On Roadways


It’s against the law for anyone to ride four-wheelers, golf carts and motor bikes on Allen Parish roadways, and the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office is going to strictly enforce the law according to Sheriff Doug Hebert.

“It is easy as can be to get hurt on a four-wheeler,” Sheriff Hebert said. “You don’t have to hit another vehicle or object. When is the last time you saw a kid riding a four-wheeler with a helmet on. If they turn too sharp and it turns over, that’s an absolute hospital visit at best.”

The sheriff’s office has received a number of calls and complaints of people riding on parish roadways.

“I personally observed several younger kids riding four-wheelers and golf carts who are absolutely under the age of 15. They don’t even have a driver’s license, much less any business on an ATV,” Sheriff Hebert said.

“I had to go tell a parent that their child was killed on an ATV and I don’t want to do that again. We want to make sure all parents understand that they do not have the ability to give their child permission to ride on the roadway.

“Besides it being against the law, any accident involving a four-wheeler will result at minimum in some type of injury. We also want parents to be aware that kids are getting hurt every day when not on the roadway when riding unsupervised.

“I can’t do anything about a kid riding a four-wheeler on private property but I will do something about them riding on a roadway. I’ve instructed my deputies to stop every child or person they see riding on the roadway, and in many instances the child will be issued a citation, and if the parents were aware, they will receive a citation as well. It’s my hope that we don’t have to issue a single citation.”

“We’re not trying to keep kids from having fun. We’re trying to make sure they don’t get hurt.” The dangers from drivers in vehicles texting, or driving while intoxicated add to the possibility of four-wheeler occupants being seriously hurt if an accident occurs. “Law enforcement can’t give permission for someone to break the law,” Sheriff Hebert said.