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Patrol Division

     Patrol is the backbone of the Sheriff's operations. The fact of the matter is that deputies are constantly in the smaller communities, meeting the people to whom we are responsible to protect and serve. The parish is approximately 657.62 square miles with approximately 1900 miles of roads. This is a very large area, but our deputies are able to patrol this area with the help of the municipal police officers. Municipal officers assist the deputies in certain situations and the deputies assist the municipal police officers with situations in the municipalities. The population of the parish according to the last census in 2010 is 25,767 people in the parish along with the 3 million visitors to the Grand Casino Coushatta per year. These numbers look to be ominous, but are not due to the fact that we have highly trained, very professional, and motivated persons who work for the Sheriff's office.

       Duties of Patrol

  1. Patrol of the various road systems in order to provide protection, reduce opportunities for criminal activity, and promote and maintain highway safety
  2. Identify criminal activity and apprehend criminals.
  3. Provide specialized assistance when manpower is needed.
  4. Provide assistance to persons who are unable to help themselves, are in danger, or are in need of other emergency or social services.

       Allen Parish Patrol Division

  • Twelve (12) full-time deputies
  • Comprises the front line in local law enforcement
  • Around the clock operation
  • Patrols the parish, protecting life and property
  • Preliminary investigations of crimes and accidents
  • Response to citizen calls for service 

        Shift Supervisors 

      Our patrol division is headed up by 4 veteran deputies who are employed by the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office. The shift supervisors are Lieutenants in the rank structure of the department. All Lieutenants are responsible for scheduling of the deputies for regular shift work, coordinating deputies for special events in the parish that require security, and also the coordination of services with other agencies that need and/or provide assistance to the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office.

           If you have any comments about patrol or any questions please direct your emails to:

Thank you Allen Parish for the opportunity to serve you better!!