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   We currently have 4 suspects in custody from the attempted burglary of an ATM. It is unknown if any others suspects in the are, However if you see any further suspects involved with is incident, Please contact Allen Parish Sheriff's Office and/ or Oakdale Police Department. Thank You for your assistance and GOD BLESS!!



    If you have noticed a large police presence in the North Oakdale area, Please be advised that we along with the Oakdale Police Dept. are investigating an attempted burglary of an ATM at the Sabine Bank in Oakdale. The only information that we currently have is that 2 Black Male subjects ran from the bank into the woods nearby. Officers and Deputies are on scene and actively searching for the subjects in question. If you see anyone suspicious in the area, please contact the Oakdale PD or the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office. BE SAFE AND GOD BLESS!!