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 As we go through this trying time, please understand that we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

We are organizing pick up points in the parish to facilitate our evacuation effort. We will be putting out a list of times and pick up points in the parish. Pick up points will be designated for persons who do not have a vehicle and/or the means to leave the parish that would like to evacuate.

For further assistance with evacuation information, please call: Kelli 337-639-3081 Pam 337-639-3083

If you have no place to evacuate to, residents that have a vehicle and are evacuating will need to proceed to the Mega Shelter at: 8125 US-71, Alexandria, LA 71302.

YOU MUST check in at the Mega Shelter in order to reside there until the storm passes. The situation may dictate that you be moved further north to the Bastrop Shelter to accommodate you. NO pets will be accepted at the shelter; please arrange for your pets for the storm before you leave.