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 As we are coming out of the response to this storm, we are faced with the task of recovering from this. We are doing our best to assess all damages in our Parish. As we assess these damages, we would like to make sure not to miss anyone who may have suffered some kind of damage to their home.

As always you can call the Sheriff's Office to make a report, but you can also call your local city hall to make these reports. GOHSEP has provided a link to put this information in by us or you can do this yourself.

This is the link:    DAMAGE.LA.GOV


In addition, as we proceed, we need to let you know that FEMA is back at the Civic Center in Oberlin, La. To assist you with your FEMA claim needs.

A document to assist you with self-filing is provided here to help if you are unable to get to Oberlin, to file a claim with FEMA