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Millage Press Release



Notice is hereby given pursuant to Article 7, Section 23(C) of the Louisiana Constitution and R.S. 47:1705(B) that a public hearing of Allen Parish Law Enforcement District will be held on Friday, September 9, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. at the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office, 601 Court Street, Oberlin, Louisiana, to consider levying additional or increased millage rates without further voter approval or adopting the adjusted millage rates after reassessment and rolling forward to rates not to exceed the prior year's maximum.  The estimated amount of tax revenues to be collected in the next tax year from the increased millage is $1,612,419.33, and the estimated amount of increase in taxes attributable to the millage increase is $31,616.07.


2016 Proposed Budget

Revenues                          $5,517.075.00

Expenditures                     $5,505,650.00

Prior Year Fund Balance     $1,826,944.00

Excess (Deficit)                  $1,838,369.00


Posted 6/8/16

Release Date 9/09/16