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       This is to let you know that even though the Severe Weather has passed, we are still dealing with the after effects. The waters from the north part of the state are now starting to come into Allen Parish on the Quiska Chitto and Calcasieu rivers. Flooding is starting on the west side of our Parish at this time, affected at the moment is the Mittie area. If you need assistance please call the Sheriff's Office or 911, Please take no chance with these flood waters as they can be very dangerous, It takes only 18 inches of water to float a vehicle and 6 inches of moving water to sweep a person off their feet. Please be cautious when approaching any place where you see high water on a roadway. Please see the attached article to see the dangers of flood or high waters.  The road closures will be posted on a separate article to Follow.



    Flooding has begun overtaking the Northwest side of the parish affecting the Grant, Soapstone, and Mittie Areas. PLEASE use caution and call for assistance if needed. Sandbags and sand for these areas will be available at the Fairview Fire Station