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                As we begin another day, we would ask that you be careful on this day of dealing with the flood waters again. According to the Weather Services the Calcasieu River at Oberlin will crest at 24 Feet and Kinder at 22.5 feet. This will cause some homes and camps near the Calcasieu to flood. Please be aware of the rising waters and take appropriate actions to preserve your property and yourself. If you need assistance please call the Sheriff's Office or 911. Homeland security has assisted us by appropriating some high water vehicles and boats, which are in the areas, to assist in the rescue of anyone who may need to leave their home. We also will have a Para-glider aircraft which will be in the areas overhead checking the areas. Please be mindful of the high water and DO NOT take any chances with you or your family's life, Please call and get the assistance you need. Please be mindful of driving through the high water, it makes waves and pushes water into homes or camps which may be flooded causing further damage or it pushes water into homes that are not flooded yet. We would ask if you must go into the water, whether it is to check on your property or family, please coordinate with our personnel on the scene. This way we will know when you go into the area and know when you are out of the area, so we can maintain the safety of everyone who may be in that area. PLEASE BE SAFE!!