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      As we approach the end of the day, we are still in the pathway for flooding. Our Neighbors in Oakdale on the Calcasieu River at last level reported the river was dropping and has reached under 18 feet. Our Neighbors in the middle of the parish are still in the rising stage of flood levels, where the last report of the Calcasieu at Oberlin was at 21.9 feet and rising, it is expected to crest at 23.5 feet at around 1 pm on Friday. Our Neighbors to the south in the Kinder- Leblanc area are still on the rising side of the flood waters also. The Calcasieu river at Kinder is currently at 20.41 feet with an expected crest of 22.5 feet around 7 pm on Saturday.

       The rising water in the Kinder area is going to force the closure of Old Pump road in just a little while, so be prepared.

       My friends if you have not prepared, please do so. If you need assistance, we have trained personnel standing by to assist you. Please call us if it is necessary for you to leave and are unable to do so. Please Be careful and Please be safe. God Bless!!