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Tropical Storm Cindy- UPDATE



    Just a little more information for you on what to expect with the storm that is approaching our area. As before please remember that Sand and Sandbags are at the Parish Barn sites for all of our residents. Please also remember to be safe, If you encounter flooding on a roadway, Do Not go through it as you do no know what condition that roadway may be in. Also the fact that it only takes approximately 4 inches of flowing water to float a vehicle. Please report any dangers you may encounter to the Sheriff's Office or 911. Thanks and Please be SAFE, God Bless.



"As of 10 am, Tropical Storm Cindy has weakened slightly, down to sustained winds of 50 mph. Landfall projections still show a Texas-Louisiana state line location, sometime after midnight tonight, as a weak tropical storm.

We are still expecting 3 to 5 inches of rain, with the possibility of 10 inches if a slow moving rain band moves across your area. 
Wind-wise, tropical storm force wind gusts will start this morning in south central Louisiana, and move into southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas this afternoon. Central Louisiana and east Texas will see the stronger winds more likely tonight. The entire region should see winds subsiding by midday on Thursday. Due to the wind gusts, expect to see scattered power outages and a few trees fall down.
There is a small tornado threat for southwest, central, and south central Louisiana today and during the day on Thursday as well."