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    As a result of Tropical Storm Harvey, after having to deal with the winds and rain, we must now deal with the inevitable after effects. Areas along the rivers in our parish will now begin to swell with massive amounts of water from the previous storm. So now it is our time to prepare for the rivers to rise. Please make preparations in these areas if you reside there as the waters are predicted to rise. The following areas will be affected:

Calcasieu river @ Oakdale is expected to reach 17 feet by Saturday afternoon, Flood stage is 12 feet.


Calcasieu river @ Oberlin is expected to reach 21 feet by Sunday evening, Flood Stage is 13 feet.


Calcasieu river @ Kinder is expected to reach 21.5 feet by Friday evening, flood stage is 16 feet.


Quiska Chitto River @ Hwy 26 has crested at 20.3 feet, Flood stage is 15 feet.

Please if you live near the rivers, make preparations to leave if necessary. If you have any problems, please call 911 or the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office for assistance. God Bless and Take Care!!