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        As you know we have had some incidents in our fair parish, which have brought great concern to our communities and residents. As we watch the evening news and see the things that are happening around the world and our country, it is a growing concern as to when these situations will darken our front door. In response to these concerns, We are developing a program to help our citizens to deal with certain situations and to prepare for the response which may be needed.

      The Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the surrounding agencies will be preparing to give classes on Active Shooter Preparedness. 

Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office, Department of Homeland Security will be introducing into Allen Parish and making available an awareness of actions that can be taken before, during, and after an incident involving an active shooter.


This information session will be presented and available to all interested groups with information on actions to be taken and developing emergency action plans during any such incident.


Program material is being prepared now and will be available within the next couple of weeks.


Contact the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office (337) 639 4353 to set up this presentation.


Presentation will be approximately 1 hour.



Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office

Dept. of Homeland Security: