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    We are making preparations for the rising water in each of our communities. As the water rises, it becomes a hazard to vehicles as well as residents in their homes. Please prepare for all contingencies which may occur with the rising water. 

    I received confirmation from Homeland Security this morning that sand and sandbags are available at the following locations:    

OAKDALE- Parish Barn @ 518 HWY 1152

OBERLIN- Parish Barn @ 1217 Cottongin Road

KINDER- Parish Barn @ 203 SOUTH 10th Street

     Please be ready for whatever may occur in your community. We are in contact with the Fire Districts in your area and they are aware of the rising waters. They are making preparations to assist those citizens that may request help getting out of flooded areas or other assistance. Please call the Sheriff's Office or 911 if you require assistance. Please be safe and God Bless!!