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     In anticipation of the storms, which have begun, We have made preparations for any problems which may present themselves. All Fire chiefs in the respective areas have been notified of weather conditions. They are making their departments ready for any situation that may present itself. We have been in contact with the Homeland Security director, and he has confirmed that each police jury barn is equipped with sandbags and sand in the case of flooding.

     Please if you see any roadways which are under water or about to be under water, call the Sheriff's office or 911 and report it. By your information, we will be able to advise other residents of the parish and your neighbors as to what preparations that may need to be made. Be Careful and GOD Bless!!!



     As you travel this morning Please exercise caution in the Casino Area, there have been reports of downed power lines and some damage to the area. Also trees and power lines are down on Lauderdale Road, Green Oak Road, Bel Oil Road, Powell Road, and Willis Courville Road. Please be cautious when approaching these areas and if you see a power line down, Please back away from it and call 911 or the Sheriff's office, so we can get the appropriate people to the area to deal with that situation.