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   It has come to our attention, that three young males from the Grant area had left their home and gone to school. Upon checking on the attendance for each class it was discovered that three students had not showed up for class. The School staff checking with the guardian of the children, discovered that the boys had left for school, but had not reported to class. These students were last seen near the gym at Fairview School. All efforts to locate these students are in process. We are asking if you may have seen theses young boys or have any information on their whereabouts, to please call the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-639-4353.

Aaron M. Parker.jpgimages.pngAaron Parker

Chad W. Parker.jpgimages.pngChad Parker, Jr.

Jason A. Parker.jpgimages.pngJason Parker




    The Missing Juveniles have been located less than a mile from the school. They are safe and unharmed and will be returned to the custody of their guardian. Thank You for your assistance. BE SAFE and GOD Bless.