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The civil division serves and executes civil processes and all other orders as directed by the courts in accordance with Louisiana revised statutes, as well as assisting other departments and officers within the Sheriff's office when called upon.

The civil division consists of four (4) P.O.S.T. Certified sworn deputies and three (3) civil sworn deputies. The P.O.S.T. certified deputies execute all civil and criminal documents as ordered by the court, including, but not limited to citations and petitions, subpoenas, criminal summons, etc. each of these deputies is assigned to a geographical area based on their location in the parish. These deputies are also responsible for the seizure of property, real and moveable (example: real property: homes, buildings, vacant lots, and real estate- movables: vehicles, boats, motors, furniture, and heavy-duty equipment). The deputies are diligent in their duties and maintain records of execution or attempted service on all legal documents and the information is logged in on a daily basis for efficient record keeping and to help provide financial accounting.

The civil sworn deputies are clerical, and their primary duties are processing all of the data within the division. They execute all Parish Sheriff's sales in accordance with Louisiana law (to include the processing of writs, advertising, preparation of deeds and judicial bills of sale, collecting and disbursing funds, etc.) They are responsible for the input of all in-parish and out-of-parish civil document information into the computer system. They charge out all posting and returns on these documents as well as prepare court ordered garnishment of funds along with the collection and disbursement of these funds. Their record and bookkeeping practices are very meticulous, which ensures financial accountability within the Sheriff's office.

Property taxes are also collected by the civil division, which in turn the funds are disbursed to the appropriate tax districts. The division is also in charge of tax sales which take place when a person or company does not pay the property taxes from a certain piece of property. The department then handles the collection and sale of the property in accordance with the tax laws of the State of Louisiana.

These are the tasks that the civil division is charged with by the sheriff and the parish. So, if there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me, Casey Sonnier, Chief Civil Deputy or anyone of our staff.

Allen Parish Sheriff's Office Civil Division:

  • Seven (7) full-time support personnel
  • Handles all seizures and property foreclosures
  • Oversees public auction of seized movable and immovable property
  • Processes civil and criminal subpoenas
  • Responsible for bonds and collection of traffic and criminal fines
  • Monthly disbursement of ticket monies to parish and state gencies
  • Collection, balance, deposit and disbursement of tax monies. Tax roll is balanced and audited annually in 2005, $10,620,571.03 million in taxes were collected parish wide and of this amount, over $1,151,593.00 was collected for the law enforcement division.
  • Maintains and controls accounting fund of sheriff's office
  • Handles employee time and attendance records, employee benefits, insurance policies and sale of assets by public auction

Any questions about taxes, sheriff's sales, or any other civil related matters please email us at