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Narcotics Investigations
The Narcotics division of the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office is headed up by Chief Narcotics Investigator Capt. Drew Gushlaw. Capt. Gushlaw is a 26-year veteran of Law Enforcement and has moved up in the ranks over the years.

The Narcotics investigations division is responsible for the investigations and /or apprehension of drug traffickers, dealers, and users of illegal narcotics. If you may have any information or need to make us aware of any narcotic or drug activity, please call us at 337-639-4353.

The narcotics division has an added division which it is a part of Allen Parish Narcotics Task Force which is a parish wide co-operative endeavor instituted by all the law enforcement agencies in the parish.

Any information about any narcotics activities or ongoing investigations that you may have would be widely appreciated. If you have any information, please submit it to our narcotics investigations email,

All information will be kept confidential!!