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Criminal Investigations
The criminal investigations division is responsible for investigating all criminal matters in the parish even matters that have occurred in the towns. We as the criminal investigators for the parish lend a hand to all municipalities in the area as our resources are a bit more extensive than some municipalities.

  • Consist of four (4) criminal investigators
  • Investigate wide range of crimes, including major crimes and vice
  • Gather evidence and investigate the source of crime in preparation for prosecution
  • Coordinate with surrounding agencies in seeking information to solve cases
  • Property crime is largest caseload
  • 2008 -investigation division assigned over three hundred (300) cases
  • In 2007 the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office instituted a full-time division which was added to the investigations division. The Crime Scene Investigations section which is responsible for the proper preservation, processing and collection of all major crime scenes. The section is also responsible for the management and storage of all evidence for the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office.
  • 2013- The Allen Metro Crime Unit was reformed to assist with all major crime investigations in Allen Parish by enlisting the assistance of officers from all municipalities in the investigation of Major crimes throughout the Parish and also to assist the municipalities in the parish with the investigation of Major crimes in their jurisdictions as well.

The criminal investigations division is headed up by Chief Investigator Greg Quirk. Chief Investigator Quirk is a 29-year veteran of investigations, who is actively involved in the criminal investigations in the parish. Chief Investigator Quirk manages 5 criminal investigators in directing their cases, assisting with case packets for the District Attorney's office, and investigating his own case load as well.

Information about an investigation that you may have would be widely appreciated. If you have any information, please submit it to our criminal investigations email,

All information will be kept confidential!!