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The Allen Parish Sheriff's Office has implemented an automatic system for the purpose of checking on the senior citizens of our communities. This system is called the R-U-OKAY program which is an independently functioning computer system which makes several phone calls a day automatically to check on our senior citizens.

An individual computer which is dedicated to this service initiates phone calls to each participant. Once the call is initiated the computer speaks to the individual in a computer-generated voice which announces that it is the R-U-OKAY system performing a call to see if you are okay. While the call is in progress the computer monitors whether or not the individual answers the phone. In the case that an individual does not answer the phone, an audible alarm is sent out via speaker on the system, telling the dispatch personnel that the person called did not answer and there may be a problem. At this time a Patrol Deputy would be dispatched to the location of the call to check on the person. In the case that an individual answers the phone they are asked to press a certain key or number in order to answer the system that everything is okay, or another key or number may be pressed if the individual is in need of assistance, at which time a Patrol Deputy is dispatched to assist the individual.

In an effort to make the R-U-OKAY program more accessible, a deputy has been assigned full time as a contact person for the system. The contact person is Lt. Chris Oakes

You may contact Lt. Oakes at the following numbers:

Allen Parish Sheriff's Office: 337-639-4353

Oakdale Area: 318-335-0379

Elizabeth Area: 318-634-7619

Kinder Area: 337-738-5691